Directory of Ministries and Organizations



Contact: Larry Bush, 314-479-3544

Mission Statement: To help boys and girls, regardless of their skills, to become an ideal youth firmly loyal to God, Country, and Community. To know the value of a strong mind, body and soul.

Duties: Teach good sportsmanship, coordinate volunteers, maintain schedules, coach, assist with uniform purchases and assist in the concession stand. Volunteers are needed for coaching, selling food at the concession stand, make phone calls to update parents and any other small job that come along.

Time Commitment:  Varies on the volunteer position. Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00pm.

Special Skills: All adults 18 years or older must attend a “ Protecting God’s Children” workshop (about 1 hour), prior to working with children, complete a background check, and sign a Code of Ethical Conduct. Ability to work with food, money, marketing and a willingness to join the Athletic Board.