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Contact: Carol Deveney 314-341-0283

Mission Statement:  To ask for a little but from many to help meet the needs of others. 

Duties:  Stuffing shopping lists of items in shopping bags, handing out shopping bags after Masses; shopping for items needed; collecting bags filled with items after Masses; sorting and distributing collected items.  Items collected include canned goods, paper products, baby and clothing items, and dry goods. Some of the recipients of our generous shoppers have been Birthright, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Charles Women's and Children's Crisis Centers, Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service, Karen House in St. Louis, and people in Belize.

Time Commitment:  As little as 15-20 minutes before or after Mass to 1-2 hours stuffing lists or collecting distributing items.

Special Skills: Willing spirit and a kind heart.