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Contact: Ann Lacker 636-734-7005 

Mission Statement: Barefoot Children Ministries strives to overcome poverty, facilitate economic empowerment, and promote human dignity for families in remote villages of Belize by providing education, health and community improvement resources

The following items are always needed for students in Belize: rectangular pink erasers, individual pencil sharpeners, standard size tubes of toothpaste, bar soap, scissors, glue sticks, 12 ct. package colored pencils, 8-10 ct. package watercolor markers, white and colored chalk, volleyballs and soccer balls.

Parishioners are encouraged to participate in this ministry in a variety of ways:

Volunteer Locally

Duties: Work at fundraising events.   Sort and prepare donations for Belize.  Donate items to be delivered by mission team participants.

Special Skills: Volunteers ae oftenneeded after weeend Masses to collect and distribute materials needed for Soup Sundayy, Spare Change Sunday, and Shopping as Jesus Would collections.

Mission Opportunity in Belize

Duties: Assist with education and construction projects in Belize throughout the year.  Distribute donations and help teachers working with elementary school children OR volunteer on a construction site performing both light and/or heavy duty tasks such as measuring, painting, pouring concrete, and operating power tools.

Time Commitment:  10 day trip to Belize.  Attend team meetings and packing event propr to travel. 
Approximate cost $1500.00

Approximate Cost:  $1,500

Special Skills: Excellent physical condition, able to move about quickly without assistance, able to tolerate humid climate, capable of adapting to changes and willing to help with any tasks.  

Stay up to date with the mission trips through the Belize Blog updated by members through out the week.

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