Passport to Journey with Jesus

Posted on June 01, 2017 in: General News


Passport to Journey with Jesus

We are doing something NEW this summer.

We will be helping your kids get engaged with the Mass using this great new adventure!!!

Your Passport to Journey with Jesus!

WHAT IS IT! Your Passport to Journey with Jesus is a hands-on companion piece that:

  • Engages our youth in the Mass and Jesus’ teaching throughout the week!
  • Gives our youth a relationship with the Mass that will stick with them as they grow!

Just open up to the date that goes along with the Sunday Mass, and enjoy the activities that will engage your child in the mass!

It’s for any Catholic church anywhere during the summer.

These Passports are available in a basket at the side door of church.

Please take one for a visiting grandchild, niece or nephew or any child with you today!! 

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