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Mini-Retreats Series: The Eucharist
October 26, 2023

Mini-Retreats Series: The Eucharist

Mini-Retreat Series: The Eucharist

Saturdays, 8 a.m.-11 a.m., Mass, Free Breakfast

Our next four Mini-Retreats will center on the gift of the Eucharist. We are currently in a year of Eucharistic Revival, and we are called to dive deeper into our understanding and appreciation of Christ's body as he comes to us in the Eucharist. Join us for all or even just one of the next four Mini-Retreats. Invite friends and family; all are welcome, and this is an excellent opportunity for evangelization!

August 19, 2023 - No. 1: The Mystery of the Eucharist

Jesus did not invent the idea of the Eucharist on his own. It comes from thousands of years of Jewish tradition as well as supernatural gifts from God. We seek to understand this beautiful mystery through prayer, study, and adoration, all the while knowing there is no way to completely define the Eucharist. 

December 9, 2023 - No. 2: The Real Presence of the Eucharist

A large focus of the Eucharistic Revival is to strengthen our belief of the Real Presence of Jesus as the Eucharist. As research shows, many Catholics do not believe in this foundation of our faith. In this Mini-Retreat we will dive into the catechesis of the Real Presence and reflect on scripture accounts of God's presence throughout the Bible.

February 17, 2024 - No. 3: Eucharistic Meditations and Reflections

Saints and Theologians of the past and present have created a beautiful body of literature on the Eucharist. In this Mini-Retreat, we’ll explore and draw inspiration from their testimonies.

April 13, 2024 - No. 4: The Food for the Journey

The gift of the Eucharist is not one we should keep to ourselves. The Real Presence of Jesus is nourishment for our journey as Christians. The call of the Christian is not an easy one, which is why His graces are so essential. The Eucharist is meant to be broken and shared, and we are called to evangelize! Join us as we renew our appreciation for this great gift.