Ukraine - how we can help

Posted on March 17, 2022 in: General News

Ukraine - how we can help

        Archdiocese of St. Louis

        Office of the Archbishop

March 15, 2022

Dear Brother Priests, Deacons and Parish Life Coordinators,

For the past three weeks, we have been aware of the invasion of Russian forces into Ukraine. Day by day, we hear of more Ukrainians being driven from their homes and of the atrocities that are inflicted upon an innocent civilian population. Many of you have inquired about ways to provide assistance. I am grateful for your concern and willingness to extend the hand of friendship and aid to the Ukrainian people.

At this time, I would like to share some suggestions for getting aid to the people of Ukraine. The first option for aid is through the Ukrainian Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia. If you either take up a second collection or a poor box collection for aid, checks may be sent directly to the Ukrainian Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The check should be marked “Humanitarian Aid Fund for Ukraine.” The address is 810 N. Franklin Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123. Electronic donations may be sent through

Catholic Relief Services is well known for its presence to disaster areas for bringing immediate aid to those who are in need. Donations may be sent to Catholic Relief Services/Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine. Please send checks to 228 W. Lexington Street, Baltimore, MD 21201-3443 or donations can be directly made through the Catholic Relief Services website at

Humanitarian supplies may be funded for those who are engaged in the conflict through the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) at

Throughout this armed conflict, violence is eroding our common humanity. Please include a prayer for peace and compassionate solidarity in the Intersessions at Mass for the people of Ukraine, refugees and those directly involved in the fighting that continues to unfold. With this letter, I am enclosing a prayer composed by Deacon Eugene Logusch, administrator of St. Mary’s Assumption Ukrainian Catholic Church here in St. Louis.

Again, I thank you for your prayers, concern and willingness to help out our brothers and sisters who are in such a dire situation.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend Mitchell T. Rozanski
Archbishop of St. Louis


Deacon Eugene Logusch
St. Mary’s Assumption Ukrainian
Catholic Church


 O Lord our God, powerful and mighty in war, we who are unworthy to call upon You do yet humbly pray: take up the arms of Your strength and Your shield of protection and save us. Arise in our defense and raise the sword of Your victory; put to flight those who war against us and persecute us and turn away in shame those who plot evil against us. We pray you, hear us quickly and show your generous mercy.

O Lord our God, powerful and mighty in war, it is You alone who have the power to bring to life and put to death. You alone have the power to grant strength and valor to whomever You wish and to grant victory over our enemies in the face of defeat, and to make the vainglorious weak and cowardly. You alone can destroy the vanity of the conceited and turn their hardness and arrogance into the cowardice of retreat.

You vouchsafed to Your servant Abraham and his band of warriors, victory over those who held captive his nephew Lot, and returned him home with great spoil.

You afforded to Your servant Moses the steadfastness of hand to uphold Your staff and rouse Joshua and the army of Israel to put to the sword the horde of the Amalekites.

Through Your servant Gideon, who placed his hope in Your strength, and his three hundred men You defeated an innumerable army of Midianites, striking fear in their hearts and putting to flight the enemies of your people Israel.

Upon your servant Samson You bestowed the strength that comes only of faith and moved him to topple the den of the Philistine idol low to the dust.

You granted to David Your servant, who contended in many and difficult wars, and who always placed his trust in You alone, strength, power, valor, and victory over his enemies.

Do now,  All-powerful, All-good, and All-merciful Master, look upon us Your unworthy servants, who call upon You with faith and trust, and grant us deliverance from our attackers and foil their haughty plans for our destruction.

Grant to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people the lasting peace of just victory and heal their wounds and sorrows. Comfort them in their grief and mourning and protect them wherever they may flee. Grant grace and peace to those who aid them and to those who receive them with open arms. Return them to their homeland and grant to all citizens of Ukraine the strength and wisdom to rebuild their shattered land to Your own lasting praise and glory.