Farewell Letter from Diane

Posted on January 21, 2021 in: General News

Farewell Letter from Diane

Dear All Saints Community:
Thank you for the opportunity to work and pray with you! I have grown so much personally, professionally and spiritually at All Saints.

I never had considered working in a parish as part of my career path and confess it was the leading of the Lord to apply for the position in 2008. Fr. Don was courageous in hiring me. I was new to Missouri and a novice about working in the Church. My management background was utilities. I often commented that I left the power company to work for the 'real power company.'

It's been a privilege and wonderful life experience to be with people of faith in a community so alive in Christ. So many good friends and co-workers!

Having been part of this community makes a move away bittersweet. But I've felt the nudges to be closer to my family and I couldn't refuse the opportunity to take a position in Bloomington, Illinois, when it was offered. My last day as your Director of Administration is February 5, 2021.

Thanks for this season in my life. I have been truly blessed to be among you and will miss you!

Grace and peace,
Diane Valentine