Advent Giving Tree Starting Early This Year

Posted on October 02, 2020 in: General News

Advent Giving Tree Starting Early This Year

Merry Christmas, Tis the Season, Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Man........

All Saints Advent Giving Tree Starts Now!

Times hve changed, andd we are changing with it.

For All Saints parisioners and the members who volunteer with the St. Vincent de Paul organization to be safe in our social distancing practices, we are trying new ways to achieve our previous goals.

In the hopes of helping where we have always helped before, we are collecting early for two of our organizations.

September 27th - October 4th Collection for Birthright

  • small size diapers, 
  • cloth diapers,
  • onesies/sleepers
  • receiving blankets
  • crib sheets
  • infant toys
  • shampoo
  • lotion

October18th - October 25th Collection for our Lady's Inn

  • robes
  • slippers
  • travel umbrellas
  • small wallets

November Collection 

  • Information to follow at a later date


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