Thank you Fr. Don, Fr. Bob and Fr. Joe!

Posted on September 24, 2020 in: General News

Thank you Fr. Don, Fr. Bob and Fr. Joe!

The last Sunday of September  is celebrated each year as Priesthood Sunday – set aside to thank our spiritual fathers – our priests.  It is a day to thank and honor our priests.

· Pope Francis outlined the 7 pillars of Priesthood as:

  • · The strength of a priest depends on his relationship with Christ.
  • · Just as he must be close to Christ so the priest must be close to the people he serves.
  • · A priest’s authority must be linked to service, especially to the care and protection of the poorest, weakest, the least important and most easily forgotten.
  • · The priest must be a minister of mercy.
  • · The priest is called to simplicity of life.
  • · The priest must be a model of integrity.
  • · The priest is to be a source of blessing for his people.



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