Healing the Body of Christ: Discussion on Racism

Posted on June 21, 2020 in: General News

Healing the Body of Christ: Discussion on Racism

Join Fr. Don for a Zoom Meeting on Thursday, July 2 at 6:30pm to discuss this video statement by Bishop Fabre.

Go to zoom.us, then click "Join a meeting." Meeting Number: 81508697547 Password 902733

Discussion questions:

When you listened to the bishop's talk, he invited each of us to be aware of and change our biases and prejudices. What are those for you?

He also asked us to pray for a healing of the broken view we have of each other. What is broken in your view of others?

Please come with some ideas of how we can initiate some "encounters" with the others in our life with whom we have little contact.

Video 2: Bishop Fabre on the Death of George Floyd

You may be thinking, "Here we are again, another discussion on race. Haven't we solved this?" However, if we deeply examine systemic racism and the ongoing social unrest in our nation, we must acknowledge that there is still work to do.

We are not alone, and this is not new. The people even back in Jesus's time struggled with racism. Let us not lose hope that these discussions can help bring about change. Each discussion may soften hearts.

For the next 3 weeks we will be presenting a short video on the topic of racism. We hope these will be a source of reflection and prayer for all of us. Then on Thursday at 6:30, Fr. Don will be hosting a Zoom discussion. Reflection questions and invitation to the Zoom meeting will be posted later this week.

Our second video is from Bishop Fabre, the chairman of the USCCB Committee Against Racism, and his reflections on the death of George Floyd.