Mission Mass Outlines

Posted on April 16, 2019 in: General News

Mission Mass Outlines

This year, our Mission Mass focused on the Mass itself.  Each Tuesday we delved into the scriptural, theological, and historical reasons we do everything we do at Mass.  If you missed the mission but would still like the opportunity to have the Mass come alive every Sunday, you can fing recording of all the sermons on our homilies page: JUST CLICK HERE!

Mission Mass One: The Opening Rite-Gloria & Collect

0:00 Homily & Sermon
2:15 The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM)
3:18 Names & Purpose of Mass
5:24 Church Buildings
10:58 How to Prepare for Mass
13:00 The Importance of Singing, Gestures & Posture, and Silence
16:10 Signing Ourselves with Holy Water
16:57 Genuflecting & Bowing
18:57 The Altar
21:22 The Introductory Rites
22:30 Entrance Song & Procession
23:46 Sign of the Cross & Greeting
25:18 The Penitential Rite: Confiteor & Kyrie Eleison
29:30 The Gloria
29:57 The Collect or Opening Prayer

Mission Mass Two: The Liturgy of the Word

0:00 History of Sermons and Homilies
1:30 Keeping the Scriptures Alive
3:17 The Bible
5:43 The Lectionary
7:54 How the Lectionary Came to Be & the 2nd Vatican Council: Cycles and Solemnities
12:00 The Gospel of John
13:16 How much of the Bible we get at Mass
14:32 Who wrote the Gospels?
18:35 Purpose of the Homily: A Bridge to the Eucharist
20:48 Ministers of the Word of God & the Importance of Proclaiming and Listening
22:20 Dialogue of the Word of God & the Word of God as Flesh
26:04 How to Keep the Scriptures Alive & Preparing for Mass
30:29 Gesture before the Gospel
31:48 Weekend vs Weekday Readings
32:27 The Responsorial Psalm
34:08 Receiving the Word of God as a Gift

Mission Mass Three: The Creed--The Offertory Rite

0:00: Homily
1:10: The Mass: The Highest Form of Prayer
2:32: The Creed 
3:51: Nicene Creed & Apostle's Creed
8:26: New translation of the Creed
13:17: The Prayer of the Faithful: An Ancient Practice of our Call as Priestly People
17:22: Order of the Petitions
18:54: Organization of the Petitions
21:42: The Presentation of the Gifts: Roots in Ancient Church
24:15: More than Offering our Money: An Internal Preparation for the Eucharist and a Giving of our Lives
29:36: The Priest's Role in the Offertory
30:32: Adding Water to Wine: The Divinity and Humanity of Christ
32:20: Blessing over the Bread and Wine: A Jewish Tradition
33:54: Priest's Prayer for Acceptance
37:00: Washing of Hands
40:48: Priest asks the People for Prayer
41:27: Summary

MIssion Mass Four: The Eucharistic Prayers

0:12 Homily
1:12 Eucharistic Prayers 1-4: Uses
4:50: Eucharistic Prayer 5-9
5:40: Similarities: Thanksgiving, Asking the Holy Spirit, Story of Last Supper, The Elevation; The Mystery of Faith, Doxology and Great Amen
9:12: Roots in Jewish Table Prayer
13:02: The Preface: An Ancient Greeting
14:50: "Lift Up Your Hearts"
20:28: "Let us Give Thanks"
25:08: "It is Truly Right and Just": Addressing God the Father
27:46: Sanctus: Seeing with the Eyes of the Angels
36:42: Epiclesis: Sending of the Holy Spirit
38:18: Second Epiclesis: "That we may be gathered into one body"
39:37: Telling of the Last Supper: Reliving the Passover
44:36: The Mystery of Faith
47:30: Anamnesis: A Memorial
52:35: The Doxology and Amen
56:50: The Eucharistic Prayer: The highpoint of the Mass

Mission Mass Five: The Communion Rite and Concluding Rite

:10 Homily
2:17: The Lord's Prayer: Setting the theme of Community6:30: The Sign of Peace: Committment to Forgiveness 
9:36: The Fractioning Rite: One bread shared with many
11:12: The Host into the Chalice 
12:07: The Lamb of God
14:26: Communion: Preparing to unite ourselves to one another
15:32: The Showing: An Invitation to the Banquet
16:35: The Consecrated Hosts
17:44: The Chalice
18:38: The Communion Song: A Sing of Unity
19:58: Receiving Communion: Amen!
21:15: Those who don't receive 
24:19: Those of different faiths
26:03: The Whole Body and Blood of Jesus
27:17: On the tongue or hand
27:40: Eucharist is given, not taken
28:30: Quiet reflection as a community & Prayer after Communion
29:38: The Concluding Rite & Blessing & Sending Forth 
32:26: Belief in the True Presence
33:48: St. Thérèse of Lisieux--Saint of Commissions 
34:23: Receiving Communion at Protestant Churches
35:26: "Lord I am Not Worthy"
36:40: "The Lamb of God" in Scripture