New Name Same Mission to Serve Belize

We are excited to fill you in on some changes that are happening with the Belize Mission Outreach!

Up to this time, the Belize donations were run through the All Saints Parish accounts. The time has come to form a not-for-profit organization that will carry on the work, just as it has been, but as an independent entity. This will enable us to ensure that every penny donated to our friends in Belize goes to them.

As you may know, the Archdiocese assesses a tax (cathedraticum) on all monies that the parish receives. This allows every parish in the archdiocese to contribute to the on-going expenses of the offices and agencies of the archdiocese. Since that tax would be applied to our Belize funds on July 1, 2018, it was time to establish the work for Belize as its own not-for -profit operated by volunteers with a board to provide direction and oversight.

The new name is BAREFOOT CHILDREN MINISTRIES, a registered, nonprofit corporation whose purpose is to provide families in Belize with educational, health, and community improvement resources.

All Saints will still have a deep connection with the people of Belize and the ministry work. Watch for articles in the bulletin. As before, you are invited to participate in any way you are able. Fundraising will still be going on with the help of All Saints parishioners and others who are dedicated to serving the children and families in Belize. Same mission, just a different name.

Thanks in advance for your continued support in assisting our brothers and sisters in Belize under the new name. Our goal is to continue working together to improve the quality of life and standard of living for more families!

If you have any questions, please contact Ann Lacker at or 636-734-7005.