Annual Catholic Appeal

Posted on May 15, 2018 in: General News


Fr. Don's Challenge

If you weren't at a Mass when Fr. Don gave the challenge to all parishioners, here it is. "Everyone has one dollar to give. But if you don't have a dollar, I will give you one so you can give it to the ACA. He's willing to make good his challenge! So far, no one has taken him up on it.

Please remember the ACA this weekend if you have not made a gift this year. Envelopes are in the pews for you to make a pledge or put in one dollar.

Please complete the information on the front of the envelope and place the envelope in the collection. It's all of us giving something that makes the work of the ACA possible. Thank you for your participation! 

How does the ACA benefit All Saints?

In 2017, the ACA directly benefited our parish school by contributing $1,500 for teachers' professional growth.

Also in 2017, the Archdiocese and the ACA directly benefited our parish for $5,660 in tuition subside for Paul VI Institute, $3,360 in tuition subside for Paul VI Lay Formation, and $40,000 in an Ensuring Parish Viability Grant.

Our parish also benefits from assistance with our stewardship programs, students attending a REAP Retreat, men and women from our parish attending the Catholic Men and Catholic Women for Christ Conferences, and couples participating in God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage.

We say, "Thanks, ACA" and special thanks to every one who contributes.

When your gift is added to everyone else's gift, we can make the goal of $136,070.

Please take action today and make a financial gift to the ACA.