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Posted on October 31, 2022 in: General News

All Things New



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 Individual Parishioner Feedback Form

But before you begin, here are a few things to keep in mind ,,,,

  • This feedback is meant to be given after participating in one of your parish’s listening sessions or after reviewing the materials (videos and presentations) online about your planning area. The link to the video presentations of the DRAFT models for your parish is included in this survey for your reference.
  • This form asks you specific questions about the DRAFT models shared. The form also gives you the opportunity to provide more in-depth narrative feedback about each model. You can also suggest alternative DRAFT models.
  • The more specific and constructive feedback you can offer, the more that will assist with refining the current drafts or creating new drafts for your area of the archdiocese.
  • Should you choose to provide an alternative model, please include some rationale in the space provided for why that model will serve your area of the archdiocese best.
  • Questions that are submitted in this survey will not be able to be answered.  If you have a question that requires an answer, email it to

Thank you again for your thoughtful feedback.



The presentation and draft models are on the All Things New website and here’s the link:

Here is the direct link to the school subsidy rate information on the All Things New website.

All Things New Initiative committee members are available to contact as they help guide us all through the process.

Please contact us or any of the priests with questions or comments:

Steve Carlsen,

Deanna Carlsen,

Vickie Molitor,

Dave Buehrle,

Tammy Buehrle,

Kathy Schlaikjer,

Fr. Don Wester,


May we keep our minds & hearts focused on what truly is at the center of our faith...THE EUCHARIST.

Let us remember that the buildings, schools, and churches don't define our faith. Our hope and joy in the Eucharist will keep our faith alive and propel us into the future.

Click here to view the Statistics and Trends of the Archdiocese such as number of Catholics, baptisms, marriages, and school enrollment. 

All Things New Planning Areas

Click here to download the map and explanation of the geographic planning areas.


Steadfast in faith; forward in hope and guided by the Holy Spirit, our goals are three-fold: engage in unceasing prayer, define and implement a unified vision for evangelization, and ensure intentional stewardship of the gifts that God has given to us over these past 200 years.

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