What did YOU find on FORMED?

Posted on June 28, 2022 in: General News

What did YOU find on FORMED?

It’s summer!  There’s time to do new, fun movies or books – available on FORMED.org or from our kiosk selections from Augustine Institute. 

For movies – you could try a ‘Saint of the Week’ – start with the movie on St Anthony of Padua. He’s the saint you always pray to when you lose something and want to find it – great movie!

There’s Joan of Arc – at 13 she had a vision to save France; she was sent on a mission to drive out their enemies, the English and did not stop until she saw Charles crowned as its rightful king. 

See the section:  Summer on FORMED for ideas. There’s also a section with Comics – these are available to download in various formats. Joan of Arc can be found here, too!


Don’t forget – there are books to listen to, eBooks to read and music, too.  All Saints offers FORMED to all parishioners for free.  Login to enjoy the best Catholic content platform where you can explore and learn about your faith!

Augustine Institute books, booklets and CDs are available at our Kiosk located next to the Scripts window in the Parish Center; also found by the front door at Church, and the ramp door at the Church. 

There is a variety of titles and subjects, books, booklets and CD’s.

All items are Free – but if you would like to support this Ministry, donations are appreciated.
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