Fourth Sunday of Lent


The Fourth Sunday of Lent The Second Scrutiny

The Second Scrutiny is celebrated for Rachael, Doug and Jordan, our Elect. Again, the congregation is asked to pray for them that they may be strengthened with God’s power to accept the challenges of Christian life.

Special intercessions are offered that God dispel the darkness and that He may gently lead our Elect to Jesus Christ, the Light of the world. During today’s rite, we pray that Rachael, Doug and Jordan, enlightened by the Holy Spirit, may never fail to profess the Good News of salvation and that they share it with others.

Although the Elect stand before the congregation, the scrutinies are a reminder to the entire community to rejoice in Christ’s light that we may see and, like the man born blind whose sight was restored, receive the light of Christ and live the Christian life for the Light to shine for others.

We, the parish community, show our support by extending our hands in blessing over the Elect and the Candidates—Tammy, Joy, David and Tonye during their dismissal and with continuing prayers throughout the week. 


Sunday, March 11, 2018


Sunday, March 11, 2018


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