New Candidate/Catechumen Journeys


A Day of Retreat 

One definition of “retreat” is a period observed in prayer, meditation and worship of God. The practice of retreats hails from the Old Testament and we read in the Gospels that Christ Himself spent forty days in the desert to pray and fast in preparation of His public ministry. Because Lent is a retreat for the entire Church, it is a tradition for our All Saints elect and candidates to experience an all-day Lenten Retreat on the Second Sunday of Lent. After celebrating the Rite of Election with our catechumens (now called  the elect) and the Rite of the Call to Continuing Conversion with our candidates last Sunday, they have moved into the Period of Purification and Enlightenment.  

Our elect and candidates will be attending the 7:30am Mass today.  They will be blessed and dismissed after the homily to go Break Open the Word and reflect on the readings from Mass. 

Sponsors, elect and candidates will proceed to the Ministry Center after Mass for a light breakfast. The retreat will be one of spiritual formation through prayer, reflection, sharing and meditation.  Throughout the day, our elect and candidates along with their sponsors will participate in prayer services focusing on the Waters of Baptism, the Light of Christ and the Bread of Life.   During the day, the elect and candidates will reverently make the bread that will be consecrated during Easter Vigil. 

Please keep our elect - Heather E, Stephanie, Jesse and Jay, and our candidates - Joe, Sherry, Julie, Nathan, Brian, Ethan, Heather L, Matt, Linda, Sasha, and Konner in your prayers as they enter their final weeks of preparation as they respond to God’s call to be disciples of Christ through the Catholic Faith.  

A great way to remember our elect and candidates in prayer is by picking up a prayer card which can be found at the church entrances and in the gym lobby.  Put them in your current reading material, your daily prayer book or a prominent place at home or work. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated for all connected to Christian Initiation.