History and Heritage

Celebrating 200 Years!


Since 1815, there has been a group of Catholics in this area who have been praying and working together.

Beginning in 1823, they met formally as a congregation in a 35’ x 25’ log house on the east side  of Dardenne Creek near what is now called Olde Towne St. Peters.

Mostly French or French Canadian, they called their church St. Peters Church. It was often difficult for parishioners, most of whom lived on its west side, to get to church because the Dardenne Creek tended to flood. For this reason, a new church on the west side of the creek was finished in 1834 by the parishioners who donated their services.

During the years from 1840 on, many German immigrants came into the area. New parishes were started in Old Monroe, Josephville, O’Fallon, and Cottleville from the growing parish of St. Peters. To accommodate this growth a new  third) church was built in 1855-56 on the hill where the parish is now located. 

In 1856, the name of the parish was changed to All Saints Chuch.

In 1865, the area itself began to be called St. Peters instead of Dardenne. Finally in 1874, the growing numbers – up to almost 125 families – brought on the construction of our present church where the first Mass was celebrated in 1876 and the early interior decorations were completed for the dedication on May 21, 1882. 

During these years the pastors were Frs. Nicholas Staudinger and Conrad Rotter, who was responsible for building and decorating the present church.

From the 1870’s into the 1960’s, this area remained fairly stable in population. The parish was an active one, boasting numerous organizations, and hosting an annual picnic at the Mexico Road grounds purchased in 1880. 

Pastors during this period included Fr. Nicholas Staudinger (1877-1894), who completed the building of the present church, Fr. John L. Gadell (1899-1919), J. H. Girse (1919-1956), and Elmer A. Koenen (1956-1975).

During this period, what we now call the “old school” was built (1919) to replace one built in 1870.  A convent was constructed in 1915 to provide housing for the sisters who had been living in the 1870 school.  A rectory was built in 1903. The first additions to the school were completed in 1959/1962.

The 1960's - The parish continued as a small but vigorous farming community until the 1960’s. Then the population and the economy of the area boomed.  At one point the parish grew to 1500+ families, but was soon divided up among the new parishes founded in the area of St. Peters and St. Charles.

During these years, Frs. Louis Kertz (1975-1981), Robert Argent (1981-1986), Ron Chochol (1986-1991), Michael Henning (1991-2005) were pastors and Donald Wester (2005 – present). 

In 1977, a six classroom addition to the school was built.  In 1979 a rectory was built to replace the 1903 rectory, and is now the current Parish Office.  

The Pastoral Council began functioning in May 1983, and the Board of Education in May 1987.

In 1988 the Parish Center and Gymnasium were constructed as additions to the school providing much needed space for parish life and activity. 

A new rectory was completed in 2008 on the site of the former convent.

200th Anniversary

In 2023 All Saints Parish celebrates 200 years in St. Peters!

190th Anniversary

In 2013 All Saints Parish celebrated 190 years in St. Peters.  The link below provides information on the staff, Catholic Education, and key events during the year. 

The 190th Anniversary Parish Celebration Book

175th Anniversary

In 1998 All Saints Parish celebrated 175 years of faith.  History continues in this celebration book celebrating All Saints and those continuing our great traditions.

The 175th Anniversary Parish Celebration Book

100th Anniversary

In 1923 All Saints Parish celebrated their Centennial Anniversary. The following commemorative book was published to celebrate 100 years of faith. This edition provides an exciting glimpse into the history of the parish and the times.

The 100th Anniversary Parish Celebration Book

Special thanks to Olive Branding Co

This parishioner owned company designed our 200th Anniversary Logos and allowed us to utilize one for our new parish and school logos!