Directory of Ministries and Organizations

ART & ENVIRONMENT                    

(Worship & Liturgy)

Contact:  Emily Banks 636-397-1440 x 302

Mission Statement: To enrich the worship experience of the liturgy by enhancing the beauty of our church through flowers, decorations, and artwork with a thoughtful and spiritual consideration of the liturgical season.  

Duties: Duties vary greatly by liturgical season; however, one may be expected to care for live plants/flowers, set up altar displays, hang banners and door decorations, care for altar candles, and create decorations.

Time Commitment:  Varies for the liturgical season, for example, more time is needed at the beginning and end of the Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter seasons, while less time is needed during Ordinary Time.

Special Skills: A love of plants if tending to the plant displays. An eye for balance and artistic design with placement of decorations, banners, and flowers.