Directory of Ministries and Organizations


(Education & Life Long Learning)

Contact: Fr. Peter Faimega  636-397-1440 ext. 231

Mission Statement: To help parents know and understand the sacrament of Baptism. With the grace of God we hope that this important step in being Catholic will strengthen parents’ knowledge and understanding of their faith in order to be their child’s primary educator in faith.   

Duties: Presenter: Help prepare parents for the baptism of their child. Share course content while encouraging adult conversation and ideas to help them grow in faith. To give life experience in being a Catholic parent.

Time Commitment:  On the 1st Monday of every month, baptism classes are held. Baptisms are held various weekends at 2:00 pm. If special accommodations are needed, please contact Fr. Peter.

Special Skills: Willingness and ability to share your faith.