Directory of Ministries and Organizations


(Parish Operation & Fundraising)

Contact: Fr. Don Wester  636-397-1440 ext. 223

Council members include (from l to r):  Randy Burkemper, Carol Chipley,
Todd Mesler, Jr., Brad Rigdon, Fr. Don Wester, and Marya Pohlmeier.   

Good leaders are always thinking beyond today and asking, “What’s next?” The Pastoral Leadership Council serves in that capacity, sharing its wisdom, experience and gifts with the Pastor.

The Council members represent various areas within the community and serve at the invitation of the Pastor. The meetings are held quarterly.

The Council led us through the Parish Planning and Viability Study.  We identified the top 10 parish assets, things we do best, and the top 10 parish deficits, the things we need to improve.  The assessment was a process of meeting with parishioners at assemblies where they could provide input.

Essentially, the Council assisted the parish in bringing a focus on  3 to 5 priorities and how we want to implement them.  Click here to view the final report.