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(Worship & Liturgy)

Contact: Carol White  636-926-8112

Mission Statement: Bring the Scripture proclaimed at Mass to children ages 3-1st grade in an appropriate manner, each Sunday at the 10:30 am Masses.

Parishioners who love to share the Mass with children are encouraged to participate in this ministry in a variety of ways:

First and foremost through prayer:

Time Commitment: Flexible.

Special Skills: None needed.

Duties:  To pray regularly for the leaders of the children.

As an Adult Leader:

Time Commitment: One Sunday morning each month throughout the year plus preparation time. One initial meeting for all adult leaders.

Special Skills:  Must be patient and have a love for Christ and young children. Knowledgable on Scripture, litugical year and basic doctrine. Must be compliant with Protecting God’s Children.

Duties: Prepare the room by setting up the prayer table, putting up the signs and do routine tasks. Meet the children at Mass when Father calls them forward, process to the designated classroom, Proclaim the Word to the children with the Children’s Lectionary, ask wonder questions, pray and bring them back to Mass at the end of the homily. Restore all items and secure the room.

As a Teen Volunteer:

Time Commitment:  One Sunday morning each month throughout the year. One initial meeting for all teen volunteers.

Special Skills:  Must be in at least 5th grade or higher and responsible.

Duties:  To arrive 15 minutes before Mass to help prepare the room for the children. Assist the adult leader in bringing the children from church to the classroom, place nametags on the children, sit with the children during the presentation, walk them back to Mass, and clean up the room with the adult volunteer after Mass.