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(Education & Life Long Learning)

Contact: Nancy Lloyd  636-240-5306

Mission Statement: In the RCIA Catechumenate, we are called to be companions on a Journey of Faith with those who are seeking to become fully initiated members of the Catholic Christian Community.  We do this through a process that, “while presenting (authentic) Catholic teaching…, also enlightens faith, directs the heart toward God, fosters participation in the liturgy, inspires apostolic activity, and nurtures a life completely in accord with the Spirit of Christ.”  (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults #78)

Parishioners are encouraged to participate in this ministry in a variety of ways:

First and foremost through prayer

Duties:  To pray regularly for all those involved in Adult Initiation, especially for the candidates and catechumens.

Time Commitment: flexible.

Special Skills: none needed.

As a Certified Catechist

Contact: Nancy Lloyd, 636-240-5306

Duties: Process consists of liturgical/lectionary-based catechesis.  Catechists come prepared to give a short presentation and lead group discussion, connecting topic to that day’s Scripture readings, liturgical seasons and celebrations.

Time Commitment: Four to six Sunday mornings each year plus preparation time.

Special Skills:  Must be certified by Paul VI Institute or equivalent.  Must be willing  and able to share faith and authentic Catholic teaching on an adult level.

As a Sponsor

Contact: Carol Oldendorf, 314-691-6180, 

Duties:  To share faith and journey as a friend and companion with a particular candidate for initiation.  This will also involve interaction with candidate outside of regular meeting times.

Time Commitment:  Every Sunday morning from 9:00 – 10:15 AM, generally from fall until Pentecost. (This may vary by an individual candidate’s particular needs.) Sponsors must also be available for various rites and celebrations throughout the year.

Special Skills:  Must be at least 16 years of age and a practicing, fully initiated Catholic (having received Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist).  Must also be willing to support authentic Catholic teaching.

As a Minister of Hospitality

Contact:  Jeanette Wipfler, 636-441-2671

Duties:  Deliver food by 8:45 AM on Sunday morning.  Hospitality ministers are encouraged, but not required to stay and share faith during the Sunday session.

Time Commitment: Two or three Sunday mornings per year.

Special Skills:  Willingness to either purchase or prepare light breakfast-type nourishment of your own choosing for those attending Sunday sessions.


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