What did YOU find on FORMED?

Posted on January 29, 2022 in: General News

What did YOU find on FORMED?

Formed: The Presence of the Eucharist

Sometimes as cradle Catholics we forget the blessing of the years of formation that we have been given and the gift that it has bestowed upon us. We forget the gift that it truly is to have the wisdom of the years of knowledge that our younger years have blessed us with. We remember that we were eager to receive our most basic sacraments and the joy that we had on the day that we dressed up in our finery for our first communion. We treasure our young ladies dressing up in white dresses and our young men in little suits but that is not the most important part of the sacrament of Holy Communion. It is the blessing we receive from receiving Christ’s precious body and blood into us. But sometimes that joy can become forgotten in the day to day burdens of our daily lives, especially today with the past two years of Covid crisis that has swept our world. The Eucharist is the sacrament of sacraments and source and summit of Christian life. God desires us to spend not only our time with him during our mass but also our time with Him during Eucharistic Adoration in which we can give Him our joys but also our burdens. Jesus wants to be present with us. It is during this time we can spend time with Him in the quiet hour and reflect not only on our lives but allow Him to speak our hearts. I encourage you to take the time in the next month and give yourself this gift of time to be present in the Eucharist not only in Mass but spend an hour with Him during adoration as well. 

As you reflect during this quiet hour with Jesus, you will begin to see that the Eucharist becomes a spiritual nourishment you cannot do without. We have weekly adoration at All Saints in the Church on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:00 pm. 

Be sure to check it out!

:FORMED"  The Catholic Faith On Demand:  thousands of Books, Movies, videos, programs on demand.  As a member of All Saints, we have already paid for your subscription.  To personally enroll,

  • Go to your browser and type in "formed.org" . 
  • Then click on "sign up". 
  • Then choose "sign up as a parishioner" and click on it. 
  • Click on create a new account. 
  • Find parish--type in 63376.  "All Saints" will come up.
  • Click on that.
  • Click on "next" .
  • Create account. 

(Formed will not sell your name or email to an outside agency)


FORMED is a wonderful resource to grow in our Catholic Faith.  Explore the many opportunities that are there.   Any questions, please contact a member of the Adult Faith committee or Fr. Bob

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