Protecting God's Children

Posted on February 13, 2018 in: General News


Important Information --- Archdiocesan policy mandates that all who work with or volunteer with children be in full compliance with the Safe Environment Program. Compliance involves: 1) attending a Protecting God’s Children workshop; 2) reading and signing a Code of Ethical Conduct; 3) completion of a Family Care Safety Registry background check before an individual begins their ministry.

This background check is updated every even year.

Therefore, All Saints is currently in the process of updating all necessary background checks for 2018.

If you are no longer active in your ministry, please call the parish Child Safety Coordinator, Barb Kasper or Nancy Lloyd, at 636-397-1440, ext 221.

If you are interested in getting involved in a ministry, please let us know, too.

We can provide the paperwork to complete and advise how to register for a workshop.

Thank you so much for your ministry here at All Saints Parish.