Mini-Retreat: April 1 "Offering Anxiety"

Posted on March 21, 2023 in: General News

Mini-Retreat: April 1 "Offering Anxiety"

Does it seem like everyone is has anxiety today? While this may seem like a new problem, when we read scripture, we discover that even Jesus had anxiety; and he certainly walked with anxious people.

In more recent times, we have become more open with our inner feelings and seeking help. But embracing vulnerability is still extremely difficult. How can we shift our feeling towards vulnerability as bravery instead of weak and shameful? How can we offer our anxiety to God and live as a resurrection people?

Our next Mini-Retreat will attempt to tackle our uncomfortable thoughts about anxiety--turning our "Get over it!" into "Give it to God." Join us for this morning of renewal right as we enter into Holy Week on Saturday, April 1, 8am-11am. Please RSVP to the office by Wednesday, March 29.

8am: Mass

8:30am: Breakfast (Ministry Center)

9:15am: Retreat