All Saints Full Time School

Our Mission

All Saints Catholic Elementary School strives to build the Kingdom of God by bringing the Good News and Light to the world. We do this through a Christ-centered inclusive program that provides a compassionate environment, strong foundation of faith and academics, 21st century skills, and opportunities for outreach which unites us in a community dedicated to creating life-long learning, service to others, and love of neighbor.


Our Philosophy

All Saints Catholic School is committed to being a school in which our Catholic faith permeates all facets of the education process and program.  Prayer and worship are celebrated joyfully and with full participation of children and teachers.  As a community working together, we strive to promote the development of the whole person by sharing our faith and seeking to provide opportunities for the growth of all.  The community of All Saints gives witness to our faith through our way of life, our manner of worship, and the service we render.

Thus we are committed to providing an environment in which a child can grow into a mature and integrated person through the development of his or her spiritual, cognitive, moral, emotional, social, and physical gifts and talents; grow in self-esteem and self-discipline; learn to work, play, and pray with others in ways that are mutually supportive, enriching, and respectful.

We believe that parents and guardians have a primary role in the education and self-development of their children and that we at All Saints School are responsible for assisting parents and guardians in fulfilling of these responsibilities.

Everyone at All Saints School, staff members, parents and guardians, and children, is committed to forming a community of faith which gives witness to Jesus’s message and to God’s goodness and holiness through our service to others. Therefore, we commit ourselves to excellence in education, to the development of our shared faith-life, and to the personal growth of each person.