Soccer Registration

As has been communicated, all CYA teams have moved to CYC for all sports.

While you will not notice too many changes in regards to the game, you will notice a change in costs from last year.

The CYC fees are higher and, therefore, the registration fees need to be increased.

Cost will be $80.00 per player.

Please access the soccer registration site by using the link below:

Soccer Uniforms

Janet Behlmann is our uniform coordinator and you will receive more information later this summer regarding uniform information.

Player & Coaches CYC ID Cards are Required

All players and coaches must obtain a CYC ID Card (if you do not have a valid CYC card).  There is a $5.00 fee for the card.  You will need a photo and a legal document to apply on-line.   Information about applying in person can be found at

Working Concession Shifts

In order to keep everyone's registration costs down, we ask parents to work concession shifts during the sport season your child is playing. If you are unable to work your shifts, you may switch with another parent. If you do not work your assigned shifts, you will be assessed a $100 fee. if the fee is not paid, your child will not be able to play sports at All Saints until the fee is paid.  

During the registration process, you may opt out of working concession by paying the $100 fee up front.

A Few Questions You May Have:

  • League Fees:  
    • ​The cost for all players beginning with the 2015 Soccer Season is $75 for all grades. 
  • Uniforms:  
    • ​For grades 3-8, By selecting you need a unform in the registration process, you will be assessed $45 at check out, for Pre-k-2 the uniform cost is $25.00. For additional uniform questions conact our uniform coordinator Elaine Miazga.
  • Season Start:
    • The schedule will not be finalized until probably mid to late August with games starting September 6, 2015.
  • Additional League Info:
    • Here is the link to the CYC league website:
    • You can find the schedules and standings posted here later this summer and fall. Please save this link.
  • Practice & Game Locations/Times:
    • Practice dates, and times are determined by each coach. 
    • Coaches are not allowed to practice on Wednesday nights during the school year because of PSR.
    • Home Games are at St. Peters Sports Center Park and away games are at opposing teams fields.
  • Tournaments:
    • All Saints has a tournament at All Saints for Pre-k-1st grade and 5th- 8th grades. Our teams will play in our tournaments.
    • Depending on your coach and other tournaments available, your coach may enter your team into them as well. 
  • Concessions:
    • You will need to work at least one shift per child during the season. 
  • Player/ID Cards:
    • The CYC requires all players to have a card starting in 5th grade.  
    • The cards are $5/player.
    • Please check on for more information.


Matt Struyk

Referee Coordinator

Field Coordinator   
Chuck Kohnen

Concession Coordinator  
Brandi Anth

Uniform Coordinator   
Elaine Miazga

Tournament Coordinator  
Jeff Lepp

Food Purchaser      
Robert Rodermund