Liturgy of the Word for Children

Liturgy of the Word for children is an age-appropriate Liturgy of the Word offered for ages 3-1st grade at both of the 10:30 a.m. Masses.

No pre-registration is necessary. 

All children are welcome and encouraged to attend when Fr. calls them forward before the Word is proclaimed at Mass. The adult catechist with the teen volunteers will lead the children to the designated Liturgy of the Word room on the lower level of the school building. The children will learn the same Scripture readings as the rest of the congregation and return after the homily. They are taught a simplified main message of the readings and are encouraged to share that message with their families after Mass.

Adult volunteers are needed to catechize as well as teen volunteers to assist with the young children. There is a rotating schedule. This is a great opportunity for the adults and middle/high school students to assist with these eager youngsters to grow closer to our Lord through the Word of God.

For more info or to get involved please contact the Coordinator of Religious Education, Karen Mesler  

636-397-1440 x. 235


Prepare for Mass: 

This year we use the Cycle A readings. Source: "2016-2017, Celebrating the Lectionary, Supplemental Lectionary-Based Resource for Preschool and Kindergarten, Liturgy Training Publications) 

Second Sunday of Easter/Divine Mercy Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gospel (based on John 20:19-29) 

The disciples were afraid of the Jewish leaders, and on the evening of that same Sunday they locked themselves in a room. Suddenly, Jesus appeared in the middle of the group. He greeted them and showed them his hands and his side. When the disciples saw the Lord, they became very happy. After Jesus had greeted them again, he said, "I am sending you, just as the Father has sent me." Then he breathed on them and said, "Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone's sins, they will be forgiven. But if you don't forgive their sins, they will not be forgiven." Although Thomas the Twin was one of the twelve disciples, he was not with the others when Jesus appeared to them. So they told him, "We have seen the Lord!" But Thomas said, "First I must see the nail scars in his hands and touch them with my finger. I must put my hand where the spear went into his side. I won't believe unless I do this!" A week later the disciples were together again. This time Thomas was with them. Jesus came in while the doors were still locked and stood in the middle of the group. He greeted his disciples and said to Thomas, "Put your finger here and look at my hands! Put your hand into my side. Stop doubting and have faith!" Thomas replied, "You are my Lord and my God!" Jesus said, "Thomas, do you have faith because you have seen me? The people who have faith in me without seeing me are the ones who are really blessed!" 

Third Sunday of Easter, April 30, 2017

Gospel (Based on Luke 24:13-35) 

Two of Jesus' disciples were going to the village of Emmaus, which was about seven miles from Jerusalem. As they were talking and thinking about what had happened, Jesus came near and started walking along beside them. But they did not know who he was. Jesus asked them, "What were you talking about as you walked along?" The two of them stood there looking sad and gloomy. Then the one named Cleopas asked Jesus, "Are you the only person from Jerusalem who didn't know what was happening there these last few days?" "What do you mean?" Jesus asked. They answered: "Those things that happened to Jesus from Nazareth. By what he did and said he showed that he was a powerful prophet, who pleased God and all the people. Then the chief priests and our leaders had him arrested and sentenced to die on a cross. We had hoped that he would be the one to set Israel free! But it has already been three days since all this happened. Some women in our group surprised us. They had gone to the tomb early in the morning, but did not find the body of Jesus. They came back, saying that they had seen a vision of angels who told them that he is alive. Some men from our group went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said. But they didn't see Jesus either." Then Jesus asked the two disciples, "Why can't you understand? How can you be so slow to believe all that the prophets said? Didn't you know that the Messiah would have to suffer before he was given his glory?" Jesus then explained everything written about himself in the Scriptures, beginning with the Law of Moses and the Books of the Prophets. When the two of them came near the village where they were going, Jesus seemed to be going farther. They begged him, "Stay with us! It's already late, and the sun is going down." So Jesus went into the house to stay with them. After Jesus sat down to eat, he took some bread. He blessed it and broke it. Then he gave it to them. At once they knew who he was, but he disappeared. They said to each other, "When he talked with us along the road and explained the Scriptures to us, didn't it warm our hearts?" So they got right up and returned to Jerusalem. The two disciples found the eleven apostles and the others gathered together. And they learned from the group that the Lord was really alive and had appeared to Peter. Then the disciples from Emmaus told what happened on the road and how they knew he was the Lord when he broke the bread.